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     Scientology is a very practical religion, intended to be applied in one’s life and to improve conditions. The two most major practices in the Church of Scientology are study and auditing.

     Scientology church services include a Sunday service, marriage ceremonies, naming ceremonies, funeral services, and some formal prayers and a creed, which can be found in the book Background and Ceremonies.

     Pastoral counseling in Scientology is called auditing, which comes from the Latin audire, meaning “to listen.” Auditing is the practice in which individuals with the aid of a minister or auditor (one who listens), come to confront experiences in life that are troublesome to themselves and rid themselves of these negative influences so that they can go on to live life anew. There is a very important point in auditing that must not be confused with counseling. The auditor does not counsel the person, evaluate the person’s experiences or life, or tell him he should think this or that. It is the person himself who must confront his own past and present life and thereby come to gain new self-determinism and choice, and therein total freedom.

     Study comprises both the techniques of auditing, which contain much in understanding man, and the self-improvement courses. The self-improvement courses assist a person by addressing specific life problems, such as handling drug addiction, improving human relations, or raising a family.

Excerpted from An Encyclopedia of Religions in the United States, edited by William B. Williamson 1992
The Crossroad Publishing Company
370 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10017

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