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Consulting  Service-Level Agreement for Application Service Providing


Service-Level Agreement (SLA)

Outflow Technologies is dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible service levels and support at competitive pricing.

These service levels include (except where modified by specific contract):

Uptime: 99.9%. Guarantee for main router, provider network and servers
Committed Response Time: 95% 1-2 seconds, 5% 2-5 seconds
Reaction Time: 10 Minutes of down server
Disaster Recovery:  4-8 hour disaster recovery

Additional Service-Level Agreement (SLA) for
an Application Service Provider Model:

Outflow Technologies also offers the following features and functionality as part of its SLA for an Application Service Provider Model:

Application Hardware/Server Software:

• High performance server hardware
• Full server hardware setup and support
• Hot HD spares for all web servers
• Weekly software maintenance and updates

• Microsoft SQL Server 2000 (SP3)
• Real time database replication for redundancy and load balancing
• Full scalability with expansion
• Daily data backups and regularly scheduled off-site secure storage
• Customization/Development Services available
• Inter-Operability with external applications
• .Net technology integration
• Redundant DNS (East Coast and West Coast) Servers
• Redundant Web Servers
• Segregated, Replicating Database Servers architecture
• SSL Certificates for secure transactions
• Single point of contact to support server hardware and application
• Key personnel available upon request (24/7 for emergencies)
• Training of employees on application (web based reports and management interfaces)
Network Architecture:
The network is based on an all fiber network spanning the US (see image below). The Irvine data center has dual (redundant) OC-12 fiber running to Los Angeles and connecting to the OC-192 backbone.

• Redundant (2) OC-12 fiber connects to Internet backbone
• Geographically redundant data centers (Irvine, CA and Lexington, KT)
• State-of-the-art firewall, anti-virus, router, and switch components
• Redundant power sources
• Triple Redundant Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
• Redundant backup power generators
• Redundant HVAC environmental control systems
• 24x7x365 monitored, multi-level physical security
• Halon Fire suppression systems
• HTTP and ICMP Server monitoring with a react time of 5 minutes or less

Data Ownership:

The client owns all user data residing within the application and collected through the course of the application. If the application is developed by or for the client, the client also exclusively owns all source code to the application.


During the course of the contract in the event that Outflow Technologies fails to fulfill the minimum service levels, after reasonable efforts on part of the client to resolve such, the client may request a 3rd party to mediate to resolve the matter. If this does not resolve the situation, the client may request to terminate the contract.

Outflow Technologies must provide for any termination or transfer a smooth transition with minimal downtime for the client. All data must be delivered to the client within a reasonable timeframe acceptable to the client.


The Statement of Work (SOW) would be drawn up from a thorough requirements analysis of the target application. The SOW would dictate what modifications if any would be made to the above SLA for the specific application.

The contact will be for a one- to five-year term based on the term selected by the client and agreed to by the provider.

References available upon request.

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