Search Engine Project

Description: Starting from a concept, we worked with the owner to create a world class search engine and directory for a niche community.

Role: Architect, design and build using .Net technologies a site that could match the likes of for the niche industry.

We are especially proud of the professional design work that we delivered and the more than 600 hours of programming work that went into the site. The flash animations included over 120 hours of work including tracing frames from real video for realistic animations, and customizing the animations for all the color themes of the site.

We also developed an automated internet spider to gather target information from websites across the world, to help populate the database with data, and a sophisticated categorization when the data comes in, which would otherwise have taken hundreds or even thousands of hours of manual work.

We also built a sophisticated advertizing engine to automate advertising and PPC with web-based client access to reports and ad activity.

Sadly, we were not able to complete the full project (completed 90%) due to economic reasons.

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