Outflow Technologies thinks results at every stage of its relationship with a client. We use real-world statistics to measure your return on investment, whether a single statistic set to measure the increased staff efficiency because of a new software application, or the multi-statistic tracking graphs that lay the results of marketing’s brilliant work in the creation or upgrade of an eCommerce website wide open to view. Gone are the days when marketing couldn’t prove its work performed what they said it would.

From before the inception of our formal relationship with a customer, we’re thinking results. Before we meet with a customer for the first time, we’ve already planned how to interview him to discover the nature of his business and the scope of the services he might need from us, and what we can do to fulfill those needs. Even at this stage, we’re already working to insure our customers receive excellent return on their investment. It’s a point of pride with the staff of Outflow Technologies.

Through our interview process we discover the long-term goals and the overall vision of a customer. With these results in hand, we isolate a customer’s exact needs. We then follow our multi-staged development strategy to bring the exact results you desire on time and on budget, including methodology for tracking the effectiveness of what we’ve done at every stage. (For more information please visit our Development Method section)

Our system of step-by-step design, development, and construction of applications, with client approval at every step, produces the precise application(s) a customer needs. Our phased implementation and testing allows the Outflow Technologies™ solution to be phased in and tested incrementally. This eliminates a customer’s need to wait for the entire application to be complete before a company can use any of the functions. This process saves time and money and insures that the applications will do what they are designed to do and do it superbly well.

Once a project is complete and approved, Outflow Technologies™ stays with a company for tech support and training staff on their new software. All this leaves a business with a statistically much-improved operation. Such an application pays for itself in quick order.

Outflow Technologies™ is committed to its customers and dedicated to providing the most exact, fastest and most reliable results-based applications possible for its clients. We will not relax until a client is satisfied and we stand behind our claims with a results-based warrantee.

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