When you open a website page that compels you to wonder what is next and explains in detail what you are seeing, the designer of that media has done his/her job nicely. Outflow Technologies digs into your brand or concept and works with you on a one to one basis to get the best possible reaction from your audience. We incorporate basic design techniques integrated with motion graphics and intriguing color schemes.

| Interactive Animation |
  As the world-wide-web and the average bandwidth limitation rapidly grows new media, including macromedia flash and streaming video, has become more accessible and popular. Macromedia's flash player lies on an estimate of 250 million computer systems that browse the internet, making it the most widely used motion graphics player on the net. Animation and video presentations are becoming the way of the internet. Outflow Technologies provides this as one solution for your business to gain speed on your way to the fast-acting future.
| Image |
  Creative design sessions with the client to establish the look and feel a website should have in coordination with your brand or image.
| Marketing Scheme |
  Marketing is important. We provide input that relates to the design of the site and insures that the site will communicate to the right public. As well as, works with your product design scheme.
| Structure |
  • Creating the navigation and layout so that every page in the site is easily accessed and the site is aesthetically pleasing, as well as creating a structure for a website with future applications and strategies in mind
  • Building the navigation with growth of the content in mind
  • Building these pages and inserting content so that it is read exactly how the audience should read it
| Content Management |
  Defining the content management strategy is a key factor in witch we thrive. Every time you want to update a word or paragraph anywhere in the site, you don't want to have to call someone on the phone and take a portion of your life getting it changed on the site. We will build you a custom administration interface for user management of content.
| Testing |
  Testing the site and all functionality is a step that involves going throughout the entire site looking for discrepancies.
| Go LIVE |
  The final step is launching the site for the entire world to see (excluding all internal applications).

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