Outflow Technologies™ can provide hosting services to our clients. Our hosting services support any level or need from those of a single small business site to the large web farms and web applications with clustered database servers being backed up regularly that are demanded by the largest corporations.

Our hosting facilities include 16 OC 192 incoming data pipes for unlimited bandwidth, 2 backup generators with redundant UPS systems in case of power failure, redundant high-end AC systems for cooling, and high-tech fingerprint security.

We can provide several types of hosting:
  • Shared hosting (many client sites per server)
  • Virtual dedicated hosting (2 or 3 clients per server)
  • Dedicated hosting (1 client per server)
  • Co-Located Hosting (you provide the server, we host it)
Or more advanced and complex hosting scenarios are available such as:
  • Web farms (for scalability)
  • Database clustering (for increased availability)
  • Database replication (for fault-tolerance and redundancy)
  • Data transformation Services (for porting data to other systems and databases)
We can also provide web stat analysis and reports to monitor your traffic including:
  • Number of visitors to the site
  • Top Enter pages
  • Top Exit Pages
  • Key words typed to get to the site from search engines
  • Browsers used
  • Errors (type of and quantity)
  • Bandwidth usage
  • Page requests (quantity)
  • Geographical analysis
  • And much more…..

Our dedicated hosting hardware can go from a single CPU system with RAID 0 or 1, to dual or Quad CPU systems with RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) 0 (striping) + 1(mirroring) or RAID 5 (Striping with Parity), RAID10 (2 RAID 5s) or even a disk array with 10+ hard drives running RAID 5 or JBOD (just a bunch of disks).

We have a dedicated backup system that backs up web content, logs and databases for our clients nightly with off-site storage of information weekly.

Hosting Prices:
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Virtual Dedicated:
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