Outflow Technologies™ can help create an affiliate program that integrates with our eCommerce solutions. This gives the client the ability to generate more business through having a referral system that rewards the members and promotes sending traffic to your eCommerce site.

We do this by:
  • Identifying potential Customer/Client profiles a client seeks to attract
  • Defining what a client needs in an affiliate program
  • Designing an affiliate system that integrates with other systems (such as accounting or contact management systems) and an existing eCommerce site.
  • Building or modifying existing affiliate applications to meet a client’s needs as above
  • Integrating the affiliates system with an eCommerce system
  • Creating/modifying the administrative system for affiliate management
  • Creating pages to promote the affiliate system
  • Building tools that the affiliates can use to help them expand

Many Affiliate programs include the following:
.Program Features
  • Multi-tier tracking support
  • Recurring sales tracking
  • Limited term commissions to lifetime
  • Pay per product tracking as well as Pay-per-click support
  • International currency and exchange support
  • Customizable commission model per affiliate
  • Cross linking
  • Deep linking
  • Export to PayPal, QuickBooks, ACT!, Goldmine, as well as many existing Client systems
.Affiliate Registration
  • Fully customizable affiliate sign up form
  • New affiliate signup notification
  • Preview and approve new affiliates applications
  • Automatic or Manual affiliate approval
.Ad Development
  • Flash ad support
  • HTML ad support
  • Animated Banners
  • Static Banners
.Ad Management Tools
  • Ad categorization
  • Ad performance stats
  • Sales tracking code generation
.Affiliate Notification
  • Customized email templates
  • Easy communication with your affiliates
  • Affiliate sale notification
  • eMail broadcast system

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