Why would any businessperson hand his prestige or power over to his competitor with a dull smile? Yet, with seventy-five percent of US households net connected and over fifty percent of these on broadband, that’s exactly what he’d be doing if he failed to fully utilize the World Wide Web. When CNN reported that total online sales for 2004 would probably top $144 billion, the scribbling on the wall became obvious to all but those glued onto “old-school” think. No business can achieve its highest potential in name-recognition or profitability without doing business online.

Any business without an Internet presence could be considered Stone Age by their clients. In some cases eCommerce has replaced brick and mortar stores and offices altogether. But, even so, the old values hold. Not one marketing dollar or day spent creating a great marketing campaign, will prove itself until a real live individual decides that what you offer is what he wants, and has paid his hard-earned dollars to acquire it. Whether he’s subscribing to your services, taking a chance on a new, or bought your old, tried and true product, this is the brass-tacks marketing equation. It’s this equation, applied to technology, that has brought us the thriving world of eCommerce.

Today’s online customer’s demands are getting fierce while his tolerance is getting weak. Impatient e-customers are prone to spend only a second or two glancing at a web page before they click off to another. When this impatient consumer leaves too soon, that business has lost.

We at Outflow Technologies™ understand this…and that little extra.

We understand that an eBusiness needs to pull an eCustomer out of the idle, or irritated, “it’s not here” drudgery of culling the web for his item. It has to get him curious before it can hold his attention, and transform his curiosity into genuine interest before it can lead him through YOUR site. An eBusiness must sustain and enhance that customer’s interest as it fills his restless mind with lively and informative data about your product or service, do it effectively in order to get this temperamental eCustomer to say, “Voila! This is it!” and buy. Our Outflow Technologies teams, specialize in designing eCommerce stores or online services that smoothly bring an eCustomer up through these stages! This is marketing edge we bring to you.

We understand the eCustomer’s mind, as well as we understand our own, because he is us. We know he wants and deserves great products, wonderful service, and solid reliability, and if he doesn’t get all he wants from you, he’ll move on to someone who’ll give him more. He’s restless. He’s impatient, and he has every right to be, even when taking a first-glance-look at your site. Every element must be in place when your site first impacts his eye and his mind. This factor makes speed of visual impression, and arresting text every bit as vital as keeping a website high on the MUSE-list. (Most Used Search Engines)

It’s with these real worlds of eCommerce, and the eCustomer in mind, that Outflow Technologies delights in keeping you ahead of trend with our eCommerce solutions. In eMarketing plans, in Website design and building, graphics and copy, in advanced referral programs (see Affiliate Marketing), in interactive feature development, in technical expertise, support or any of the dozens of new factors that seem to pop with every news broadcast, Outflow Technologies gives you the features you need to get and stay on top of your game.

Let us give you the eCommerce solution that will have your eCustomers bragging about what you did for them to their friends!

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