No longer does marketing have to be the black hole of a company, a destination that inhales money and exhales nothing measurable.

If TopHat Donuts spent 2.5 million dollars to make and air a Super Bowl ad with every bell and whistle, but nobody knew a way to gage consumer response beyond a cheery, ‘Man, you guys did a cool commercial! Loved that dancing donut with the top hat and the banjo,’ from the parking lot attendant before he turned off the lights and went home; the company might get the idea that marketing dollars were wasted. Did one customer actually buy a dozen TopHat Donuts because of that ad? With no accurate reporting, nobody knows…and that’s the trouble.

Marketing needs to KNOW if 20 million people loved their Super Bowl commercial so much that they faithfully bought a dozen TopHat Donuts per week for a year because of it, or if nobody did.

With Internet marketing you can get that precious hard data that will allow you to make that report. With assistance from Outflow Technologies, you can gather the statistics you need to manage and improve your effectiveness in doing what you do best, driving business onto the company.

Outflow Technologies can give you the tools that will allow you to collect an amazing array of statistics from your website, statistics that model the company-customer-product relationship exactly, statistics that demonstrate what each part of your marketing strategy is accomplishing, statistics that tell you which products or services held a customer’s attention and which didn’t. When you know, you can go without having to operate on gut-instinct or rote academic theory.

Bright ideas may shout, but real world statistics tell all.

With Outflow, you get the statistical tools to track how many people came to your site, who and where they came from, what search engine they used, what key-words they clicked on, what part of your content got their attention best, what pages they went to and how long they stayed, what they bought from you, when, and for how much they paid…the types of statistics would vary depending on a customer’s needs. But the happy result will be uniform. With Outflow Technologies, marketing no longer has to be the voice shouting in the wilderness, ‘Give me data I can use!’

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