At a casual glance, finished content looks simple and straightforward. Visual images and copy complement each other and inspire the eye to wander across and down the page and the mind to make a series of logical or emotional decisions as it travels. It looks simple because itís designed to look as if itís always existed as it does. Itís neat and well thought out. All the distracting ragged edges have been trimmed: all the visual images are as they should be.

Allís right with the world.

But it didnít start out that way. It started with a lot of uncoordinated data, a few bright ideas and some basic principles. The rest is marketing geniusÖif it works.

Our content works for you, and results bear that statement out.

Our content-team does extensive targeted market research and asses the resulting data. We study the demographics for your product to zero in on your customer-base. We gather full product information from your company and its competitors. We do in-depth one-on-one interviews to assess company strengths, weaknesses, goals, needs, desires, image and existing marketing strategy. And from this pool of raw data we plan, then develop the effective visual imagery, and dynamic text required for a successful marketing campaign. Itís a complex game but an exciting one, and we play it very well.

Since we have covered visual imagery in another page you may click here for more information on that subject while we move on to the all-important copy.

Once the visual imagery has captured a visitorsí attention, a company needs the finest text available anywhere, a text that reads smoothly and tells its tale in the clear, clean and vibrant language you need to fulfill your finalized marketing strategy. Whether itís the perfect three-word caption to a photograph or a three-page essay on the history of a miracle plant, no campaign can succeed with second-rate copy.

Visuals entice; copy closes the sale.

To write dynamic copy, a writer must be able to rapidly gain familiarity with any field and switch subjects with the ease an ordinary mortal changes his shirt. He must be able to think with the mind of a new customer unfamiliar with your product one minute and the detailed expertise of the veteran CEO the next. Whatever your company image, he has to exemplify it, and he may have to do it all before lunch.

This kind of writing requires a special creative skills set. It requires the logic of a physicist, and the soul of a poet. It requires the ability to simplify complexities so any novice can understand them and talk on an equal footing with the most sophisticated expert. He must posses the ability to play a readerís emotions like a piano, to bring laughter and tears with equal ease, depending on the needs of the client and the demands of subject matter. He needs the ability to educate, to inspire, to intrigue, to project life and to sell with the written word alone where no living voice is present.

Our talented professional writers can provide you with every kind of copy imaginable from fact-heavy technical writing to friendly backyard fence conversation.

Add our copy to our beautiful imagery and graphic verve and you have a marketing powerhouse at your fingertips. All you need do is permit us discover what you really need and give us the go ahead.

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