Imagine your website as a virtual store packed to the rafters with data. The ‘spiders’ (tiny robotic programs) from a search engine, like Google™ or Yahoo!®, enter your store via your web presence, and scurry around the gathering millions of bits of information and rushing it back to the big search engine, a huge warehouse filled data-base, where it is sorted, categorized and ranked in several criteria. The site that enjoyed the highest cumulative score will be ranked number one on the list.

Websites are ranked in two ways: by relevance, and by importance. These spiders gather raw data from websites about both. Relevance is indexed by what a site is about, with a measured relation to the key words and key word phrases. Importance is indexed by a variety of different methods including the number of other sites that link to a site, (if others consider your site important enough to link up to; it must be important) and by how many people contact it on a search (a crowd gets noticed). It might also take into account the amount of bandwidth a site uses (size matters).

Search Engine Optimization could be called, ‘the art of feeding Internet spiders the diet they like.’ It’s as much art as science. Search engines will never say exactly what methods they are using, for obvious reasons.

Looked at another way, the high ground is always the best place to be in a battle, whether in a real war or the competition greater for a greater market-share. There’s fierce competition for this Internet high ground. That’s where Outflow Technology enters the battle on your side. We apply our expertise to help you take the Internet high ground and let you have the glory of victory.

We offer several levels of Optimization, depending on your needs and budget, but to give you a better idea of all we could do for you, here is the full-court press.

We do whatever it takes to rank your site on the first page of results for your keywords, but, unlike some others, we do it honestly. We don't use any techniques that will cause your site to be banned; no hidden keywords in the text, no linkfarms, no redirects, no doorway pages, no cloaking, and nothing that resembles spamming in any way.

We start with a complete competitive analysis of your industry. We study the competitors and see what they are doing that works. We look at your site to see how it's already ranking. This includes a full site-analysis to determine what it will take for you to succeed big time. It might also include restructuring all the internal links on the site, building mini-sites for specific keywords, adding more content to the site, or in some cases reducing the number of pages. We add links to your site on other big sites we own. These are sites that get spidered every day by Google and have a pagerank of 6 or higher. We develop a marketing plan and then get busy getting results.

For this level of involvement, we use marketing techniques and traffic recording techniques that require us to host your site. We have state-of-the-art hosting facilities running directly into the fiber optic Internet backbone for lightning fast servers and dependable service. (Please see our web hosting for more details)

This is the top of the game. You will get a continued effort on our part to increase your position in the search engines. Since we only get paid based on the results, we have the incentive to get the best possible results.

Our services can scale down from this lofty ground depending on your needs. But whatever level of help you desire, you can be confident of our abilities, our knowledge, and our integrity. We have gotten great results for small clients and large, for clients with a small 15-page site, to clients that have 30 different domains and over 50,000 pages of content.

We have the expertise to guide your website to the top of the search engine mountain.

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